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Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
in a lifetime for me. we travelled from california just to be here. it was an incredible civics lesson to see them face to fac that was really an amazing opportunity. >> i agree with their. once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be able to be in the arena tonight to see the two candidates. >> there are some monitors behind you. were you watching the candidates or splitting your eye contact between the monitors and what was on stage? >> i was fortunate to see both candidates. >> what about the body language? >> i thought they were both composed. i think they were both very well rehearsed and very ready to debate each other. >> from your standpoint? >> the same. i think the president was comfortable and romney came in also prepared. >> who comes out a winner tonight? >> i think mitt romney was a little more presidential in his ability to connect things he is planning to do and how he would like to take the country. i think he really laid out his plan to keep the constitution with his mention of the bill of rights and the declaration of independence and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, i
Oct 23, 2012 1:00am EDT
california. go ahead, please. we will go to charles next, who is joining us from arkansas. go ahead, charles. caller: what is -- if people would listen to what is going on, they would see that romney is doing a lot of rambling. i really do not think that he knows what he is talking about. host: ben -- ahmed is joining us. are you still undecided? caller: i am leaning towards obama because he seems to be a strong leader. i was supporting romney before, and romney seems to be everywhere on every issue. host: george is on the phone from kansas. a supporter of governor romney. good evening. caller: how're you doing? i thought romney did a wonderful job and obama was all over the table. i support romney 100%. i hope he becomes our president. obama has not done anything that he said he was going to do. host: earlier tonight, jim, the campaign manager for the president, in a meeting with reporters, we carry it on our web site, here is a portion. >> you cannot have any clearer of a choice than you saw on this issue. the back-and-forth on the military budget, romney will regret that answer for a very
Oct 22, 2012 10:30pm EDT
: on carper to page -- on our twitter page -- margie joins us from california. a supporter of governor romney. your reaction tonight. caller: i think actions speak louder than words. obama's actions over the last four years has shown what he is capable of with our country. if he is elected another four years, our country may not be able to recover. i think mitt romney's actions shows his schools were number one. i think he should be our next president. thank you. host: senator john kerry said this out earlier tonight -- there is this from karl rove -- just some of the comments and reactions come in tonight. nick, undecided from georgia. good evening. caller: nick, please turn the volume down. we want to hear from you. we will move on to brenda from kentucky. supporter of the president. caller: good evening. yes, i have watched all three debates and i have thoroughly enjoyed them. i cannot believe people are so naive to believe that the president has not done everything he can in these last four years to make a better america for us. i think obamacare is probably one of the most fantastic king
Oct 12, 2012 1:00am EDT
or send us a tweet on our twitter page. our next call is from california. caller: i want to say i felt joe biden was right on. he won, hands down. he was very matter of fact. he knew what he was talking about. he pinpointed every issue and paul ryan just ramble on and on and did not commit himself to anything. he refers to the democrats cannot work with congress. it is because congress is, intentionally -- does not want to work with democrats. they are all republicans. very many of them want to make sure the democratic party looks bad. >> was there a moment from the debate that stood out in your own mind? caller: i think joe biden was so sincere, so committed to the middle-class people, i just really have 100%, 110% faith in him and president obama. i think our economy will get better. i see it around our area. it is starting to get better now. i believe it will continue that way if we keep joe biden and president obama. >> thank you for the call. it is 20 minutes past the hour. reaction to tonight's debate. the republican line, on the phone from rodgers still, tennessee. caller: i am a gr
Oct 17, 2012 1:00am EDT
, an independent in california. go ahead. caller: thank you. i feel it is a bunch of malarkey. obama has had for years to take care of all the promise and all he needed to do. mitt romney has a bunch of ideas. no one has really fix anything for the last 30 years. another thing about immigration, no one speaks about all the costs and waste this country does taking care of them in jials and courts -- jails and courts, sending them back to their countries and all the billions of dollars they sent out of the country. host: did you hear the debate tonight? it was a question about immigration. caller: yes, but did not talk about the cost. they did talk about what they would do and solutions. host: who had the better answer of the candidates? caller: obama is just a rewinding gantry he says it will take another four years. i do not think so. romney denied give me an idea of how he will attack it but i know he will probably have a better idea. obama did not do his job. host:, north: matt, -- host: matt, north carolina. did you watch the tape twice? and parts of the second time? caller: yes. did try
Oct 16, 2012 10:30pm EDT
on the c-span debate hub. from victorville, california. this is ray. >> i noticed how much of a flipper mitt romney was being. like the foreign trade and this and that, if there was a ban or blackballed companies that left are country, if they were to black ball foreign trade with those, that would stop a lot people from basically wanting to leave our country to make more money elsewhere. also, if they issued a lot to do more drug screening for welfare and food stamps and got benefits like that, that right there would deter a lot more people from just laying around on welfare. as far as the border trade is concerned, i am not actually -- that don't have any issues on that. i think the government is doing the best they can right now. those are just my issues. i hope obama will actually traded. i work in the oil field. i am actually very, very concerned with the future of oil. >> thank you for your call. houston up next. darrell is a republican they are. >> how are you doing tonight? >> what do you think of tonight's debate? >> i have never seen a debate where the moderator interjected he
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6